Having trouble? Here are some common issues and solutions.

Common Issues

There are a few issues that we commonly see from our users. This is where we'll share any solutions we've collected to address those issues.

As always, feel free to contact us if you need any help at all.

The product sort for my collection doesn't match what I see in Collection Manager

There are a few different reasons why this might happen. What we usually see is that there's another app installed that's overriding the sort order set within Collection Manager. One of the apps we see quite commonly is called "Product Filter & Search by BoostCommerce". There's nothing wrong with Product Filter & Search, but sometimes users are confused by the way this app and Collection Manager work together. There may be others that have a similar effect but this is the one we see the most often.

If you think of your shop from the front (i.e. what the customer sees) to the back (what Shopify and Collection Manager see), it sort of looks like this:

What this diagram shows is:

  1. Collection Manager communicates with Shopify to read and update collection information (mainly sorting information)

  2. Your live shop communicates with Shopify for product information including product position information.

  3. The Shopify Admin (the middle) is the "source of truth".

  4. Collection Manager does not work directly with your live shop site.

The reason this is important is that it illustrates that Collection Manager does not interact directly with the live shop site; it only interacts with the Shopify Admin via Shopify's APIs.

For this reason, we always ask one initial question when customers see their product sort orders aren't matching Collection Manager which is:

"Does the sort order you see in Collection Manager match what you see in the Shopify Admin?"

If the answer to this question is "Yes", then it means that something else other than Collection Manager is causing the problem. In other words:

As long as the sort order in Collection Manager matches the Shopify Admin, Collection Manager is working correctly.

Do you have the Product Filter and Sort app installed?

If you do, try logging into that app, and head to the "Home" screen. It should look similar to this:

You'll see a "Sync" button on that screen. Go ahead and click that, and things should start to sync up. If not, please reach out to the BoostCommerce support team at BoostCommerce Support for assistance.

Are you using a theme called Debut?

We've seen cases where this particular theme conflict with Collection Manager. If you have this theme, make sure you've downloaded the latest version.

Does your theme have a sorting option?

If your theme has an option for sorting collections, you'll want to make sure it's set to "Manual" sorting for any collections that you want to sort using Collection Manager. The reason for this, is that a theme can override the sort order from Collection Manager.

Are you using Shopify Search and Discovery?

If you're using this from Shopify, it is likely what's causing the issue due to synching/caching.

Please check with Shopify support as they can help you solve this problem quickly.

Is your collection set to "Sort: Manually"?

If you see that your sort order isn't being applied to your front-end, check that the collection you're sorting is set to "Sort: Manually" in the Shopify admin as shown below.

Sometimes Shopify is a little slow to update.

If your sort order isn't matching, try waiting a few minutes as sometimes it takes Shopify a little bit longer to process the update.

After you click Save, Collection Manager sends your sort order to Shopify. Please keep in mind that once Shopify receives it, it takes a little time to apply it. Unfortunately we don't have any control over this, so it's best to wait up to 15 minutes before creating a support ticket with us, just to be sure Shopify isn't a little slow that day.

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