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What is Collection Manager?

In a nutshell, Collection Manager is a productivity app that provides various tools to help you sort and manage your collections.

Key Features

Collection Sorting

Here are some of the ways you can sort the products in your collections.

  1. Visually, by dragging and dropping multiple products

  2. Numerically, by setting a numeric position for the products in a collection

  3. Randomly, by randomizing a whole collection, or just a first or last group of products

  4. Exporting and importing collection sort orders to work offline

Collection Duplication

Duplicating a collection allows you to copy an existing collection while maintaining the sort order of the products. In other words, the order of the products in the new collection will be the same as the old collection.

Note: The products in the new collection are technically the same as the products in the original collection. If you need to make duplicates of the actual products, then just let us know and we'll discuss enabling the product duplication feature. This feature has some caveats so we like to explain it thoroughly before enabling it, to avoid any surprises.

Importing and Exporting of Sort Orders

If you prefer to work offline in Excel or Google Sheets, you can export the sort order of the products for any manually sorted collection, change the sort order by setting a position number for the products in the spreadsheet, and then import the sort order back into Collection Manager.

There is also a trick where you can import the sort order of one collection, into another collection, and any matching products will use the imported sort order.

Next Steps

We've put together some quick tutorials to get you started using Collection Manager quickly and easily.

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