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We've compiled a list of the questions we receive most often.

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Why doesn't the sort order in Collection Manager match my live shop site?

There are a few different reasons why this might happen. What we usually see is that there's another app installed that's overriding the sort order set within Collection Manager. One of the apps we see quite commonly is called "Product Filter & Search by BoostCommerce". There's nothing wrong with Product Filter & Search, but sometimes users are confused by the way this app and Collection Manager work together. There may be others that have a similar effect but this is the one we see the most often.

If you think of your shop from the front (i.e. what the customer sees) to the back (what Shopify and Collection Manager see), it sort of looks like this:

What this diagram shows is:

  1. Collection Manager communicates with Shopify to read and update collection information (mainly sorting information)

  2. Your live shop communicates with Shopify for product information including product position information.

  3. The Shopify Admin (the middle) is the "source of truth".

  4. Collection Manager does not work directly with your live shop site.

The reason this is important is that it illustrates that Collection Manager does not interact directly with the live shop site; it only interacts with the Shopify Admin via Shopify's APIs.

For this reason, we always ask one initial question when customers see their product sort orders aren't matching Collection Manager which is:

"Does the sort order you see in Collection Manager match what you see in the Shopify Admin?"

If the answer to this question is "Yes", then it means that something else other than Collection Manager is causing the problem. In other words:

As long as the sort order in Collection Manager matches the Shopify Admin, Collection Manager is working correctly.

Do you have the Product Filter and Sort app installed?

If you do, try logging into that app, and head to the "Home" screen. It should look similar to this:

You'll see a "Sync" button on that screen. Go ahead and click that, and things should start to sync up. If not, please reach out to the BoostCommerce support team at BoostCommerce Support for assistance.

Still not working?

If for some reason the sort order you see in Collection Manager does not match what you see in the Shopify Admin, then please go ahead and create a ticket because this should never be the case.

Happy sorting!

How do I duplicate a collection?

Check out the collection duplication tutorial, or read on for some quick instructions.

  1. Choose either Custom Collections or Smart Collections from the main menu, and then choose Manage.

  2. On the Duplication screen, enter the new collection name, and choose the options you'd like, then click Next...

  3. You'll see a confirmation message, and then a notice to let you know when the duplication has started, and when it has finished.

That's it! As always, feel free to reach out to us at Collection Manager Support for assistance.

Happy sorting!

Why do I keep getting an error saying "Error executing request. Please try refreshing the page"?

There are times while using Collection Manager that you may see this error. You will likely see a small red popup that looks like the image below:

Usually you can just hit refresh using F5 or CTRL + R. Sometimes you'll want to try CTRL + SHIFT + R which will cause your browser to make a request to the server, overriding anything you have cached. It's a good idea to try that if the regular refresh isn't working.

Unfortunately there are times when refreshing won't work and you'll keep seeing this error. When that happens, try the following:

  1. Make sure whichever browser you're using is at the latest version. If not, try doing an update. Sometimes browser manufacturers will release an update that causes these types of issues to arise. Usually updating the browser will help.

  2. Try a different browser. Often trying a different browser will get you around this problem until a proper fix is released by the manufacturer (or by us if it's not a browser issue).

As always, you can create a ticket and we'll assist as soon as possible.

By the way, the following browsers work best with Collection Manager (in this order):

  1. Chrome by Google (recommended)

  2. Firefox by Mozilla

  3. Edge by Microsoft

  4. Safari by Apple

Happy sorting!

Why can't I see some of my products in the Collection Manager full-screen sort, even though I can see them in the Shopify Admin?

There's a setting in Collection Manager (shown below) that will allow you to hide products that are currently in an "unpublished" state. It can be found in the "Display Options" on the "Full-screen sort" page.

Clicking on Display Options > General... will show the window below. Make sure the "Show unpublished" setting is set the way you want it and click Apply to save the change.

Note: If "Show unpublished" is set to "No", any unpublished products will not be visible.

Happy sorting!

Can I export the sort order of a collection, and import it into another collection?

Yes! You can do this, but the trick is that only the products with matching IDs will be sorted. All other products will remain unchanged.

Happy Sorting!

Will I be charged if I uninstall Collection Manager before the free trial ends?

We would certainly hate to see you go! 😢

Don't worry though, as long as you uninstall Collection Manager within the free trial period, you will not be charged.

Can I change the product information displayed on the Full-screen sort page?

Yes, there are several different types of information you can hide or show for the products on the Full-screen sort page. These will be shown on each product while you're sorting to help you make decisions about where a product should appear in the collection.

On the Full-screen Sort page, choose Display Options > General... to show the option window.

From there, you can choose which information you would like to see on each product. Click Apply to save your changes, or Reset if you would like to set the options back to the defaults.

Keep in mind that these settings only apply to the current collection.

Check out the Full-screen Sort tutorial for additional information.

Happy Sorting!

How do I show product tags on the Full-screen sort page?

To display product tags, on the Full-screen sort page, choose Display Options > Tags.

This will open a small window where you can turn products tags on or off. You can also choose which tags to display if you only want to see certain tags.

Keep in mind, tag settings only apply to the current collection, since each collection may have products with different tags available.

Check out the Full-screen Sort tutorial for additional information.

Happy Sorting!

Can I change the number of columns on the Full-screen sort view?

Yes! You can change the number of columns that are displayed on the Full-screen sort page using Display Options > General...

From there you can choose the number of columns you wish to display. You can also set the screen width to something closer to a mobile phone.

Check out the Full-screen Sort tutorial for additional information.

Happy Sorting!

How do I move products between two custom collections?
  1. Choose Custom Collections and then Manage from the top menu bar.

  2. Find the two collections you would like to move products between (you can also use the Search).

  3. You can now drag and drop products between the two collections.

Happy Sorting!

Why can't I see the "Sort" menu when I choose certain collections?

Check the Sort order and Sort direction labels at the bottom left on the collection details screen. These must be set to Manual or you won't be able to manually sort the collection.

Happy Sorting!

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